Stop Right There, Criminal Scum

by American Awesome Alliance

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Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Alan Reitman at Stallion Studios in Orlando, FL.


I'm reproached by the aridity of my genius
Sane sex dirty sex baby we should've seen this
Now you know I've got that unjust malice philosophy
Success success for the newest autocracy

Wrap her in a blanket of the finest sheepskins
Feed her to the wolves why were we doing this again?
A bene placito fuck you're such a tease
Gorilla in my room two bananas please

American Awesome Alliance

Coming to you
is a sneak preview
A turpentine a wunderkind
Kamikaze take the stage
Recall your wet dreams
Their sexual themes
Your prima facie rage quit
When puberty finally hit
Cause by God I'm the baddest actor
A classic case of unconforming now
These teen sex scenes
Perpetuate my dreams
Back then my cuisine
Reigned supreme

I just saw a hippopotamus
Fucking the schadenfreude

Skip to the coup of the wolf king
Classic etiquette belies what you devour
Catches the virgin's smile
The cycle ends but a new one begins
I know we know it's just that typical
These thoughts always end up so physical
Fast forward realization when did your hastiness fade?
Too much too flaunt

There's no air in the vacuum of fame
Depressurize focus your eyes
I OD'd on the euphoria of achieving
We pave the road with gold just to grow old

We pave the road with gold just to grow old

Rigor mortis sets into his genitals
Stiffening places stiffening places

Everybody in the 813 give me your motherfucking energy
My gonads broke the floor the moment I turned 13

Don't second guess
Speak with your chest
Awesome 'Lliance


released July 25, 2013



all rights reserved


American Awesome Alliance Orlando, Florida

Started in 2012 as a joke, we've matured into a serious joke. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the boys to men in American Awesome Alliance hope to spread like an STD and infect you and all your friends with some American awesomeness. American Awesome Alliance is currently working on their EP and pioneering new, uncharted grounds in the post-hardcore scene. ... more

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